J.P. Beemsterboer

J.P. Beemsterboer started trading in 1943 in import and export of agricultural products, such as potatoes, cabbage and onions. Over the years, J.P. Beemsterboer's range of products was expanded with fruit, rice, Chinese garlic, mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, dairy, chicken, vegetable oil, meat and various preserves from all parts of the world.


The website of J.P. Beemsterboer had become outdated over time and was clearly ready for a new and fresh design. For this reason the corporate website of J.P. Beemsterboer was tackled by Bluedesk and equipped with a multilingual Dynamicweb installation.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Via the new responsive website of J.P. Beemsterboer, (potential) customers can easily find more company and contact information. In addition, the entire range of J.P. Beemsterboer Food Traders products is easily accessible through the integrated Dynamicweb E-commerce module.

In addition to user-friendliness and responsiveness, the search engine friendliness of the website was also taken into account during construction. By improving content, technology and user experience, J.P. Beemsterboer will become even more findable in the future.

Since the new corporate website went live, the online marketing team is daily with the online success of J.P. Beemsterboer busy.


Now, J.P. Beemsterboer has a new conversion-oriented corporate website, which meets all current standards and is suitable for E-marketing purposes.

To increase the number of requests, Bluedesk is busy with various SEO activities to make the website of J.P. Beemsterboer easier to find for the target group in Google. This work is necessary because of the high competition within this global market. A number of keywords have been agreed on with the corresponding objectives, so that targeted results can be worked towards.

Since the start of the SEO subscription, a few keywords have already risen to a top 5 position within Google, of which 2 are in first place.
J.P. Beemsterboer
J.P. Beemsterboer
Stationsstraat 17 1749 EG Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands
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