IPA Beslag

Website, B2B webshop and B2C webshop with AS400 integration, 2600 products and 615 retailers


IPA Beslag is a danish wholesales/manufacturing company selling brackets and spare parts for windows and doors. IPA Beslag has their manufacturing based in Denmark aiming for the best quality and durable products. They sell primarily to hardware stores and window manufacturers in the nordic countries.

IPA Beslag wanted to widen their contact with end users and strengthen their collaboration with existing clients. Everything strongly integrated with IPA’s ERP system AS400.

Dynamicweb as a solution

With the new solution, integrated with AS400, IPA Beslag has established a fast and user friendly platform, that reuses data across website, B2B webshop and B2C webshop. The solution is a standard TAPAS solution (a base solution on top of Dynamicweb with predefined templates, integrations and build in performance optimizations build by 1st Web) with a very flexible CMS - a lot of items to combine in content creation.


The clients now meet a much more professional and coherent IPA Beslag across all platforms. They experience a higher degree of service due to the modern design and ease of use. Especially the quick order functionality where clients adds to basket using keyboard only. And not to forget the always popular copy and paste to cart from Excel. All rich functionality ends up supporting different types of clients. Some clients has be dealing with IPA the last 30 years and has often used SKU’s in their mind. Others may know the product name or has a dedicated favorite list they enjoy using.

The solution is easy to maintain as data is flowing from AS400 to Dynamicweb eCommerce towards three individual solutions.
IPA Beslag
IPA Beslag
B2C, B2B, Manufacturing
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