Order portal for Hyundai dealers

Increase in loyalty among car dealers due to a new efficient purchasing system


Nic. Christiansen Import A/S is a Danish-owned organization starting back in 1967 with importing cars to Danish car dealers. Today, the group imports Hyundai, Honda, SsangYong, Land Rover and Jaguar to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.

Nic. Christiansen both imports cars and facilitates the ordering system of the cars. During the years they have seen a decline in interest from new car dealers. They suspect this decline to stem from an outdated order system and order flow procedures. The order flow was difficult to navigate around and no longer met customer needs. As a result, more potential customers began selling other car brands.

On top of that, the oldest cars in the car dealers' stores were not always the first ones being sold. A challenge that meant it was difficult for both Nic. Christiansen and the individual car dealers to achieve their sales goals.

Consequently, from the start of the project a strategy was set up to support Nic. Christiansen's vision of being the car dealer’s preferred partner.

Dynamicweb as a solution

With Dynamicweb it was possible to create a lot of efficient and new solutions such as:

- a bespoke Self-Service Portal that embraces their entire sales system
- a dashboard with an overview of everything from sales figures and sales goals to what cars the dealers have in stock and what models they need to order
- configuring ordered cars directly to the end customer - this was groundbreaking
- enabling all dealers to search other car dealers' warehouses to optimize the sales process according to the First in-First out principle
- car dealers can follow the cars from ordering at Nic. Christiansen for delivery as well as see current and past orders and invoices
- a portal that allows Hyundai dealers to keep their customers informed of everything from when an ordered car is put into production to when it is shipped and delivered
optimizing internal workflows by removing manual work and automating processes


The project specifically focused on Hyundai car dealers and ended in a new user-friendly ordering system that makes it easy to both order and configure cars directly to the end customer.

The system is designed in such a manner that a car dealer simultaneously both reviews the configurator and searches for matching cars on stock at other Hyundai dealers. This allows the Hyundai dealers to sell the cars according to the FIFO (first in, first out) principle.

The new portal also allows Hyundai dealers to keep their customers informed about everything from when the car is put into production to when it is shipped and delivered.

A dashboard gives the individual dealers an overview of everything from sales figures and goals to what cars they have in stock and what models they need to order.
Kent Andersen, Koncern IT-chef/Group IT Manager
"We have appreciated Smartpage's very professional and serious approach in which they have run the entire development process. The project management has been very professional and they have been open and honest in relation to resources and deadlines. So, what was agreed upon was kept. In addition, they were knowledgeable about our business and our needs. With regard to functionality, Smartpage has worked closely with our AX supplier, which was important in connection with the user interface. In short, Smartpage has acted professionally and has been an important sparring partner in both the business and the solution"
- Kent Andersen, Koncern IT-chef/Group IT Manager
Nic Christiansen Import A/S
Nic Christiansen Import A/S
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