Horten Dyreklinikk

Horten Animal Clinic is Horten's largest and oldest animal clinic. Through continuous professional updating, humility and respect for the animals, the company ensures optimal and tailored treatment for the best for the animals.


Horten Animal Clinic wanted a digital presence that was modern and presented the services they offer. They wanted it to reflect the same quality they themselves strive to maintain, and the website should be packed with relevant and interesting information about animal husbandry. They also wanted the new website to have a good overview of prices, as well as an online appointment.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our partner, Joy & Co, has developed a CMS solution built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform. With this solution, the animal clinic can now easily edit both design, layout and text on their pages, and always have updated and accurate pages.


The new solution has made it easier for customers to navigate to the content they are looking for, as well as find the right prices. Horten dyreklinikk has also gained much better control and overview of the content they have on their website, and the information they provide to their customers.
Horten dyreklinikk
Horten dyreklinikk
Joy & Co

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