The All-in-One Platform unites CMS with ecommerce and empowers HD2412 to create a content-based webshop and knowledge universe.


HD2412 noticed a shift in their customers’ requirements and needs. Even though their customer base is quite traditional – they call to ask questions and place orders - the new generation is slowly taking over and they show different buyer behavior. Thus, times are changing and HD2412 was ready to take their ecommerce to next level and make it possible for their customers to find all information they need online and to order all products online.

Meet Julie Faurholt Hagel, who talks about their new website project:

In their previous web solution, the customers could only get a special price by calling HD2412. Also, all product data were manually handled which was a time-consuming task that in worst cases let to that customers wanted to order products that were out of stock. Hence, HD2412 needed a solution to automate product data enrichment and distribution and enable customers to get their special price and have all purchasing info available online.

Furthermore, HD2412 wanted to launch an English webshop. They have been running a Danish and German ecommerce site for quite some time, and they were now ready to launch an English version as well.

Lastly, HD2412 is specialized in the field of Christmas and they possess expert knowledge inhouse that they wanted to share with their customer. Their webshops have been focused mainly on products – photos, descriptions, and guides – but they wanted to attach qualified content to the products to educate their customers. Hence, HD2412 was looking for a web solution that would allow them to combine CMS and Ecommerce in order to share their knowledge.

Dynamicweb as a solution

HD2412’s new ERP integrated webshop makes it easy for their customers to log in to see their discounts, browse through their previous orders and make new purchases - a lot of new stuff that they couldn’t do in the old webshop. With this new self-service portal their customers only experience what is relevant for them, and it enables the customers to buy online when they have time for it (and not based on the opening hours of HD2412, where their customers often are in the fields).

The new webshops are always up to date thanks to Dynamicweb PIM. The PIM system automatically updated all products with the correct price and stock status, meaning if a product is out of stock in their warehouse it is also out of stock on the webshop.

Today, HD2412 has an English webshop which was launched in no time. With their new Dynamicweb solution it is easy to create, enrich, maintain and distribute a new product in the three languages Danish, German, and English – all in the same navigation and at the same time.

Additionally, the new solution makes it possible for HD2412 to use the CMS module as an active part of the webshop and they are now creating a universe with their knowledge about how to grow Christmas trees.


HD2412 are surprised to see how fast their customers are adapting to the new system and new experience online. They are getting positive feedback from the customers, and they are also experiencing huge benefits internally. A lot of daily manual tasks are now replaced by automated workflows. Hence, both the customers and HD2412 are already benefiting from the online customer experience instead of having to call them.

Now, HD2412 has more time for developing new products and developing their business to be better suited for the future. It is important to stay up-to-date, visit the Christmas tree industries and be visible in the field which they can do now that they can spend more time away from the office not having to constantly update the product on the webshop and answer the same questions on the calls.

The new web solution is implemented throughout the concern of HedeDanmark which makes it easy for the company to scale their business. Today, they have the same system across all business areas making it new launch fast, safe and easy because the integrations and designs are already at hand.

About HD2412
HD2412 is part of HedeDanmark which is a Danish company selling all kinds of things related to green areas, nature, forests, Christmas trees, etc. HD2412 is specialized in Christmas trees and selling mainly to B2B customers who make a living of growing Christmas trees in the whole of Europe – primary markets are Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, United Kingdom. HD2412 employs 14 employees in Viborg in Denmark where they service all their worldwide customers.
Julie Faurholt Hagel, Ecommerce Manager at HD2412
"The PIM system means that our products are always updated with the correct price and correct stock so if a product is out of stock it is also out of stock in our webshop. Before I had to be very aware when a product was out of stock and go in manually and turn if of."
- Julie Faurholt Hagel, Ecommerce Manager at HD2412
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