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Frellsen is a danish food company producing and selling coffee, tea and chocolate to both B2B and B2C customers.


Frellsen had a B2B webshop out of date, that needed to be renewed. They wanted one scalable solution containing both websites and B2B webshop, and the platform needed to be prepared for future webshop concepts such as a webshop for employees or dedicated webshops for more specific business areas.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution is integrated with Visma based on a standard integration to Visma Business build by 1st Web and Amesto. This is integration is running at 10+ clients with Visma Business. The solution has a self-service portal and aims to make it as easy as possible for the customer to order online, without any contact to the customer service department. For instance, the solution has a range of different lists for re-ordering products showing the customer’s orderlines from the past 450 days, favorite lists and client specific customer product lists defined in Visma by the account manager in Frellsen. Using these lists the customers are able to put hundreds of orderlines into the cart simultaneously with one click.

In the self-service platform the client also has access to a user-friendly dashboard, where the client get’s a brilliant overview of residual orders, order documents such as invoices and credit notes etc. Last but not least the customer can get an overview of the coffee machines the company has bought or rented.

Some Frellsen clients creates orders to different sub accounts (departments). The solution supports that a client with a special log in, chooses one of the connected companies/departments and impersonates the company user. This is a big advantage for the client and Frellsen’s competitors does not support this functionality. Again, complex functionality converts to a competitor advantage.


With the new solution Frellsen has established a modern webplatform and a strong, scalable foundation ready to digitize Frellsen. The strong Visma integration, makes sure all data is controlled in Visma and thus internal procedures stays unchanged.
Frellsen Kaffe og Chokolade
Frellsen Kaffe og Chokolade
B2B, Manufacturing, Visma
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