Ellingsen Group

The Ellingsen group consists of the companies Haakon Ellingsen AS, Ellingsen Systems AS and Ellingsen Indutech AS. The Ellingsen Group delivers products within valves, actuation, instrumentation, pumps and advanced system solutions for oil & gas, marine and land-based industry.


The Ellingsen group has many customers, and a lot of product info, but finds it difficult to give the customer all the information they needed, at all times. They therefore wanted a customer portal for their B2B customers where they could enter product information, service sheets, data sheets, etc. so that the customer could log in and download, when it suited them. In addition, they wanted better communication with their customers, and a way to keep customers engaged and up to date, preferably via newsletters.

Ellingsen has some standard products, but it is often the case that you have to talk to an engineer or consultant to adapt the products to the specific customer. This has previously been done via manual processes, which they now wanted to make a little more modern and digitized.

Furthermore, the Ellingsen group thinks that it was demanding to have all their three companies on three different solutions, and now wanted a platform that could bring the three companies together.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new solution for the Ellingsen group is built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform, which brings together all the companies in one solution, with several stores. They have B2B customer portals where their customers can easily find product information, submit inquiries about the product in question and get advice.

The solution has a live integration with their Dynamics NAV ERP system, which means that all product information is constantly updated and correct.

As part of Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform, the Ellingsen group also included a marketing module in its new solution, which means that they can now send out newsletters to all their customers and increase both the customer's knowledge and knowledge of the companies and their products.


The new solution has given the Ellingsen group a better overview of their digital presence. They have gathered everything under one roof, and now have the opportunity to present the products in a more clear and structured way, adapted to each customer.

The new solution has also given the companies a better system for customer inquiries, and it is now easy to see which products the customer is interested in, and the Ellingsen group can now use the time for deeper and more quality-assured advice, instead of standard inquiries that have previously taken a lot of time.

The new solution has also meant that all three of Ellingsen's companies have much better communication with their customers.
Ellingsen Group
Ellingsen Group
B2B, CMS, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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