Elkotek Sikkerhet AS

High ambitions for a new digital strategy and commerce platform


Elkotek Sikkerhet AS is a company with high ambitions, also when it comes to their digital strategy. They have long had a desire to develop their e-commerce platform, and with SOLTEQ as a partner, this is now in the process.

“We operate in a sensitive industry, and the market is developing very quickly. Therefore, it is important that we constantly enrich our systems, says Dag Markussen, CEO of Elkotek Sikkerhet AS, and continues:

“Our customers increasingly want to be able to order all their goods online, and we will naturally meet their requirements. At the same time, it is important for us as a company to make workflows simpler and more flexible for our employees. Therefore, it was our ambition to renew our e-commerce platforms, both in Norway and in Sweden ”.

Dynamicweb as a solution

“We contacted SOLTEQ and two other possible partners. It was important to us that it became a partner with a deep Navision insight that we collaborated with. At the same time, they should also be willing to challenge us on our plans, so we got sparring and input into the process ”.

“It quickly became clear that SOLTEQ stood out significantly. They came up with 100% honest answers and removed the announcements about what could be done and what was inappropriate. They also got us involved in the idea that we would greatly benefit from a PIM solution that can help us find, retrieve and maintain product information in a strict order.

Facts about the solution:
• e-commerce platform in resp. Norway and Sweden
• All-in-one Dynamicweb
• PIM solution (Product Information Management)
• Integration with Dynamics NAV


“SOLTEQ were incredibly good at listening, and they asked about many things they thought we should consider. The collaboration works very well, and we are very satisfied and feel well taken care of as a customer ”.

- In a short time, we will launch our new e-commerce platforms, and we will continue to further develop them continuously. Together with SOLTEQ, of course, Dag Markussen concludes.

About Elkotek Sikkerhet AS
Elkotek Sikkerhet AS is an importer / supplier of products and services in the security industry. The company is 100% privately owned, and strives every day to offer the best service and the most innovative solutions to customers. Elkotek Sikkerhed AS and its Swedish subsidiary LookC AB specialize in wireless security products and cloud services, of which they are B2B resellers.
Elkotek sikkkerhet AS
Elkotek sikkkerhet AS
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
Solteq Denmark A/S

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