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EIVA sells professional marine equipment to help determine conditions in and under water. Among many other things, this includes environmental studies, ocean bed mapping and scanning for unexploded mines! They also sell courses – both offline and online – to educate their users.

This is specialty equipment needed for very specific tasks, so the customers should be able to rent the hardware for a given period and also buy the needed software licenses for as long as the task demands. Software prices and discounts should then vary depending on your choice of license and timespan of your subscription. At the same time EIVA wanted to present a lot of information about their products, to ensure that the customers are getting the right equipment for the job. This information should be presented in a modern and easy to read manner.

Products should be synced to EIVAs internal platform, where they manage customers, licenses and support.

Dynamicweb as a solution

DynamicWeb was chosen for this task because of its strong product- and content management. These two features are used in combination when presenting products. The core product information is handled in the eCom module, but as some features includes images, videos and long texts, these are handled as normal content. These features are then shared across various products from different categories. Because users might search for a term found in one of these detailed and shared features, each feature is indexed with the matching products to help present the best search result possible.

A combination of variants and discounts is used to achieve the different methods of purchasing a product. This enables EIVA to show a different price depending on software being bought as a permanent license, a yearly subscription, a subscription bought for 3 days or for 26 days. Through tags, various news are also shown under the products they relate to.

All products are synced to EIVAs own platform and customer orders are also sent to that system. This allows EIVA to handle licenses and support in their own ecosystem.

On top of all the functionality, a lot of thoughts and work have been put into the design and user experience on the site. It is important to EIVA, that the site looks and acts in a modern way – no matter your device.


- Google Pagespeed: 99/100

- Better product insights

- Easier maintenance

- High customer satisfaction
B2B, Organization, Dynamics AX

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