Dantherm - Energy-efficient Climate Control

Easy access to spare parts from the leading supplier of HVAC solution from global leader Dantherm Group.


The Dantherm Group is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions. Dantherm has more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end quality and energy-efficient equipment for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications.

The Dantherm Group has several strong brands with well-established market positions in the mobile, pool, commercial/industrial and residential markets. Dantherm Group customers benefit from our comprehensive knowledge base and the experience and expertise that we have gained from more than three million climate control products and solutions sold worldwide.

Dantherm wanted to improve there offering in aftermarket service to create stronger bonds with its customers and generate new business opportunities. “Servitization” can be used as a competition parameter, as Dantherm can more easily differentiate their products from those of its competitors by connecting services. At the same time, the services allow for increased sales through additional sales to customers.

Danthern needed a digital platform that when fully developed will be the center for services like increased warranty, guidance, training of users, collaboration on design, an opportunity for updates and other related services

Dantherm is facing fierce competition in all areas, so the servitization-platform will enable Dantherm to differentiate from its competitors.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dantherm chose Dynamicweb All-in-one as the right platform for the new webshop and servitization-platform. With a clear focus on utilizing the entire suite of standard features combined with a strong integration the Microsoft Axapta, the teams from Dantherm and Smartpage created the solution in record time within scope and budget.

The webshop offers both existing and new customers to browse the spare parts catalog and log in to personal accounts for easy ordering.

Whether you already know exactly what spare part you need, or you want to see available parts for specific Dantherm HVAC products, the customer will get business done in minutes.


The new spare parts shop has been well received by customers and dealers. Orders are already placed and facilitated contact around other service tasks. Dantherm expects that within a few years, the service area will develop into a new and growing business area, which contributes to a significant part of the company's total activities.
B2B, Manufacturing, Dynamics AX

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