Danske Advokater

Self-service legal training booking for both B2C and B2B


Danske Advokater is a trade association for Danish lawyers, paralegals etc. They represent more than 70% of all the attorneys and paralegals employed in a law firm in Denmark.

The organization, Danske Advokater, offers courses for Attorneys, Paralegals and administrative staff. This group often needs to participate in compulsory courses. The market is very complex and competitive. As a consequence there was an intense need from the various legal groups of employees to be able to gain the right insight into the courses they had already finalized. They also in an easy matter needed to be able to order the correct courses in order to keep their skills updated. In addition, there was a need for increased focus on making dialogue marketing a significant part of the overall strategic communication to the market.

On top of this Danske Advokater also wanted a professional training shopping facilitation that was more deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX than the current one.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The webshop should rely on standard software from Dynamicweb to minimize development costs, but at the same time benefit from a widespread system with built-in additional sales opportunities, statistics and split test. Here are a few facts about the solution:

Filtration: Filter based solutions for courses ('topics', 'geography', 'types', 'job types' and 'date')

Marketing : Email marketing with personalized and automated emails with user-level segmentations

Integration: between Dynamic AX and Dynamicweb:
· This avoids manual handling of data and error entries
· The user is presented with user-specific prices, course lessons and course points
· Maintenance only to be conducted one place

We worked intensely on the optimization and performance of the solution, as well as the structuring of visual information, so that it gave an overview of the possibilities in the course ordered.


· Order flow with log-in (possible due to Dynamicweb technology)
· With a log-in you can create a new user or you can be informed about the number of finalized courses looking back at the previous 3 years
· The system informs which course the user is missing in order to keep his/her’s license
· High degree of self-service, so that the user can make changes to his / her’s own preferences and personal information such as areas of interest etc.
· Far easier to find the correct course, as functions such as 'topics', 'geography', 'types', 'job types' and 'date' functions as a digital funnel. In this way the users get exactly what they want on the screen adapted their individual profiles and desires
· The look and feel of the order of the training has been redesigned and at the same time has become more user-friendly
Danske Advokater
Danske Advokater
B2C, B2B, Organization, Dynamics AX

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