Chrisco Sport

Chrisco Sport AS was established in 1979 by former ski jumper Christoffer Selbekk. Chrisco Sport was initially a winter sports company, focusing on skis, goggles and boots. Chrisco Sport AS started with golf equipment in 1982 and is the company in Norway that has been doing golf equipment for the longest time. From 1998 to 2011, the company name was Chrisco Golf AS, after more focus on sports-related products, the name was changed back to Chrisco Sport AS in 2012.


Chrisco Sport AS already had an online store, but they now wanted a more modern solution that could automate many of the manual processes they had done so far. In addition, they wanted an online store they could make more personal to reflect the knowledge and quality Chrisco Sport delivers.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium Solution Partner, Mennt, has created a completely new solution for Chrisco Sport AS. Built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform with live integration to their ERP system, Dynamics AX. In the new B2B solution, customers can easily log in and find customer-specific prices and assortments, see live stock status, get good product information, as well as see old invoices and reorder regular orders.


The new and modern solution for Chrisco Sport has helped to reduce many manual work processes, which in turn has streamlined the ordering flow internally at Chrisco Sport. Orders are now automatically sent to the ERP system, where stock status and location are already known. This way, the orders are now handled in a friction-free and fast way.
Chrisco Sport AS
Chrisco Sport AS
B2B, CMS, Marketing, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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