Cenika AS is a supplier of switchboard equipment, fuse boxes and electrical equipment to the professional electrical industry. Cenika offers cost-effective quality solutions within automation and electrical installation. In 2018, Cenika sold of 245 million NOK.


Cenika AS's biggest challenge was that they needed an integration with the EFO database, the master database for electrical products. This integration was necessary both to be able to streamline the way they entered new products in the database, but also to be able to provide customers with information from the database directly in their customer portal.

Cenika wanted a new and modern customer portal that could provide a good overview of product data, both for customers and Cenika. In addition, they wanted a customer portal where they could increase contact with customers, preferably via newsletters.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium solution partner, Novicell, has built the new solution for Cenika, based on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform. With a built-in marketing module for better, faster and easier customer contact, Cenika now has full control over what is communicated to customers.

The built-in PIM system also means that Cenika now has full control over its product data, and can streamline the process of product enrichment. With live integration to the company's ERP system, Visma Global, customers can also get customer-specific prices and live stock status, as well as view older invoices and reorder previous orders.

A very cool part of this solution is the direct integration to the EFO database.


The new solution is modern and easy to update, and means that Cenika can now easily enrich its products with data, as well as work more efficiently with the EFO database.
B2B, Marketing, PIM, Distribution, Visma

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