BWSC cares for energy

BWSC is a global developer and operator of tailored turnkey power plants. In the last three decades, BWSC has delivered more than 180 power plants to 54 countries, with a collective production capacity of over 4.000 MW.


Supporting the sales process

The web project started with a strategy workshop, where we, through user journeys, mapped important decision making processes that the website could support.

The cooperation with local developers became a central element in the process of selling power plants on the international market. These developers are advisors to the local authorities and they often do the preliminary research for potential collaborators.

Therefore, it was important that it was easy to find information about the applied technologies, financial information, and not least references that document BWSC's experience with similar projects in similar countries on BWSC's new website.

Dynamicweb as a solution

No shop but shop functionality

The BWSC solution differs from many other Dynamicweb solutions by not containing Ecommerce or PIM. The BWSC solution only utilizes the CMS functionality in Dynamicweb.

A central part of the solution is the "selector" on the front page of the site. And here, Dynamicweb's "repository" functionality is used, along with "facets" and "queries" to filter and show content. Data for the map and its options is imported from an external source, and for this, Dynamicweb's import functionality is used to load data in different item types. This way, Dynamicweb's shop functionalities is utilized, even though there is no shop.


Content targeting local developers

The new website supports the sales process by marketing tailored solutions, technology neutrality, "We go the extra mile", and local connection – and by using the more than 180 power plants developed in 54 countries to document this marketing. The message is supported by beautiful photos of power plants, employees and the environments that they work in.
Lene Lykke Meisner, Marketing Developer, BWSC
"It was important for BWSC that the new website communicates our DNA and our strategy, and TWINS Solutions delivered the process that brought us safely to that achievement."
- Lene Lykke Meisner, Marketing Developer, BWSC
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Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor
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