Bilhjelp Trondheim

BILHJELP TRONDHEIM AS was established in October 1995, and is today a complete car park in Terminal 1 in Heimdal. The company runs roadside assistance for NAF, one of Norway's largest car assistance companies.


Bilhjelp Trondheim has grown ever larger as a player in car maintenance and accessories. They had received so many services that they were able to offer the customer, but did not communicate it well enough on their website. The services they offer today are car care, car wash, tire hotel, car recovery and car rental. Therefore, they wanted a modern website that could present these services with good and correct information at all times.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our partner, Joy & Co, has developed a CMS solution built on Dynamicweb's All-in-One platform. With this solution, the company can now easily edit both design, layout and text on its pages, and always have updated and accurate pages.


The new solution has made it much easier for Bilhjelp Trondheim to work with their websites, and they are now always up to date with sufficient and correct information.
Bilhjelp Trondheim
Bilhjelp Trondheim
Joy & Co

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