BHG Department Stores Singapore


BHG is one of the leading retail brands in Singapore established in 1994. A significant part of BHG's 5-year transformation plan is to transition into a seamless customer-centric approach for both of its online and offline customer touchpoints.

To achieve this goal, the company needed to adopt a unified commerce system approach that can provide its customers with the most seamless customer experience.

"As customers nowadays are accustomed to more channels to interact, how can we ensure that we understand their shopping habits if they shop online, in our flagship store, or even interact with our partner ecosystem? For BHG it was a must-have to be able to really get these customer experience insights and a big reason why we needed a unified commerce solution," says BHG Singapore CFO Jheeva Subramanian

Dynamicweb as a solution

With Dynamicweb, BHG was able to adopt a customer-centric approach and eliminate channel silos by just using a single commerce solution. With the help of Dynamicweb, BHG is now able to provide its customers with:

  1. Seamless shopping experience by introducing the concept of Click and Collect - A setup wherein customers fulfill their order at their convenience, pick up their order in one store, another item from another, and get the rest delivered depending on their preferred schedule.
  2. Endless aisle concept - A setup where shoppers can order items online and visit a physical store and vice versa. In this case, shoppers can order out-of-stock items that are not physically available in-store and have these items delivered at their house.
  3. Effortless check-outs through Mobile Point-of-Sale that allow customers to escape the long cashier lines - This kind of setup enables customers to easily complete their purchase at any spot inside the store.


With the success of BHG’s transition into a unified commerce solution adopting the Dynamicweb solution, the company has converted its legacy systems and adopted a unified and interconnected systems approach. Because of this, BHG is now able to deliver a seamless and personalized online shopping experience. In detail, BHG Singapore’s customer basket size grew by 17% coupled with a 3.5% increase in purchase conversion rate after implementing innovative customer solutions including virtual try-on, 'lift-and-learn' and mobile point-of-sale systems.
BHG Singapore CFO Jheeva Subramanian
""Since 2020, BHG sales and order numbers increase three-fold between 2020 and 2021” and there has been a 20 percent membership growth via the e-commerce platform.""
- BHG Singapore CFO Jheeva Subramanian
BHG Department Stores Singapore
BHG Department Stores Singapore
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