Implementing self-service equipment purchases for employees.

Advania is a leading Nordic IT-Provider serving thousands of corporate clients in the public and private sector.


As a part of wide organizational changes, Advania phased out its internal IT department which previously had, amongst other things, dealt with providing employees with all neccessary work equipment. What was needed was a solution that could handle equipment requests from both new and current employees in a simple, self sustained manner.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Having experience with the Dynamicweb solution from running their own online store, it was an obvious first choice to try to tunnel all employee equipment requests to the online shop.

By setting up Assortment groups with predefined employee available product range it was possible to organize the requests into two categories.

The first category contains small orders from the average employee. These orders include small devices such as keyboards, mice or headphones and cost less then a predefined amount set by upper management.

The second category contains larger orders and are only allowed for managers. These management accounts have a broader product range and no price limit, which for an example, allow managers to equip new employees with all necessary equipment to get them started.

Management accounts also allow the user to automatically create a ticket in our ticketing system, should the order require some initial set-up from our service team. All orders made by employees are delivered by default to the company headquarters where they are then handed to the relative employee or service team.

The solution has worked very well and can be described as a hybrid solution, being both a self-service and a managed solution.


Recently the concept has been developed further and is now a part of our product range as we offer our valued customers to arrange their employee related equipment purchases through the online store, with all the same product range, price limit and ticket creation possibilities as Advania uses.
Advania Ísland ehf.
Advania Ísland ehf.
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