Webinar | November 18th | 3.00 PM CET 

Scaling B2B: How to build a digital relationship with your customer


Todays customer expects a frictionless experience across their channels. Be it on your website, your customer portal, social media platforms like Facebook and Google. 

Having the right customer and product experience strategy can make the difference in winning & keeping the customer or losing them to your competitors. 

Join us on this webinar, during which we will look into the steps that will help you grow your B2B business:

  • How the eBusiness market and technologies are changing and why you need to keep up
  • How to create a competitive sales, marketing and brand experience or how to stand out in the crowd with your sales, marketing and brand experience
  • Using product data to provide better customer service and increase your sales
  • How you can build an eCommerce strategy that scales 

The webinar will be held on November 18th at 3.00 PM CET.

Meet your hosts

Jasper Sundh
CEO Mindflower AB

Pragmatic respected change leader in B2B and B2C settings, committed to connecting teams, businesses, products, services and brands into omni-channel, customer-focused, high profit businesses.
Eric Jan C. van Putten
VP Marketing, Dynamicweb

Experienced marketing technologist who loves to apply technology to ensure business growth and success across all the channels that are available today. 


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