Webinar - September 17th, 1:00-2:00 pm CEST

Configuring and Extending Dynamicweb Swift


Dynamicweb Swift is a plug-and-play standard solution which allows you to create beautiful mobile-friendly Ecommerce websites with minimal effort and almost no coding.

In this webinar, Kristoffer Weirsø, Partner Technical Consultant at Dynamicweb, will show & tell everything you need to know in order to setup, configure and extend a Swift solution. 

The agenda 

  • Get Started
    Short intro on how to get started with Swift: the interface, basic initial configuration and extendability. From here, we dive into to the demo and technical workarounds.
  • Configuration & Creating Content
    Learn the most common scenarios you encounter as an editor working with content on a Swift solution
  • Customization & Extending Swift
    Learn how to to do something on a Swift solution which is not supported out of the box.

Date: September 17th at 1.00 PM CEST

Who should join this webinar?

This webinar is primarily meant for certified developers in the Dynamicweb platform. 
Your host


Kristoffer Weirsøe
Partner Technical Consultant 

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