Europcar is Denmark’s largest car rental with 34% market share and 40 offices throughout the country. The company is known to most Europeans and covers sub brands such as PS Car Rental,, TaxFreeCars and BookCar.

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Major results from day one

Comparing the last three months (April – June 2017) to the same period last year shows that current online turnover is at index 116% and is expected to increase, as more B2B customers will start using the new booking portal. The site’s first microsite alone generated an impressive DKK 2.4 million revenue during the first 12 months.

Europcar is also experiencing a major SEO improvement showing a 17% increase in organic traffic combined with 18% more new visitors and finally a 20% decline in rejection rate.

With the new solution, Europcar can easily create new micro sites for their major customers containing unique prices, products and booking environments, which add to the overall increase in revenue.

Finally, the two sub brands, and, run on the same Dynamicweb platform as, using the same templates and integrations, but with different designs. The setup makes it easier to implement template changes and technical updates across all sites – and website editors can handle all websites from one single solution, saving valuable time and resources. For that same reason, Europcar is now planning to move the remaining PS Car Rental website to the same Dynamicweb platform as soon as possible.

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Challenge: Needed a new and optimized website

Europcar customers should be able to find and book the exact cars that matches their specific needs, and to handle all the available rental options and selections through a quick and user-friendly booking flow.

The booking system needs to handle more than 7,000 passenger cars, vans and lorries, technical specifications, age requirements and availability at local offices. The prices need to be constantly up-to-date and B2B customers need access to their own specific terms and conditions.

Finally, the company wanted to revitalize the previous solution with a new and optimized responsive design and a digital profile that matches the international version –

Solution: A single platform with Ecommerce and integration to both ERP and CRM

The new Dynamicweb B2C and B2B booking portal ensures accurate and up-to-date ecommerce data through the tight integration to CARLA, which is Europcar’s own internal booking and ERP system. The solution is also integrated to the company’s CRM system.

The booking system uses Angular for optimal performance and advanced search filters and functions, which quickly helps customers find a proper match by displaying dynamic search results according to the information typed in the search bar.

User-friendliness is of the essence, which comes to show in the new and improved booking flow. Customers can choose whether they wish to complete their booking by logging-in to their profile, typing the data manually or by using the quick booking option. Europcar can also offer additional offers as part of the booking flow in order to generate new cross- and upselling.

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Stine Dahl, Online Marketing Manager,
Firstly, it was important for us to offer both our B2C and B2B customers a professional online service that was top notch! The key was to ensure high user experience as well as successful integration with our booking engine and CRM system, which we have accomplished with the new solution! It was also important that the visual identity would reflect that of our corporate parent company - without compromising our Danish business model. The solution has made our own internal work processes more intuitive and flexible. For instance, we can now easily create micro sites for our largest customers, which has resulted in a significant increase in revenue among the individual customers.
- Stine Dahl, Online Marketing Manager,

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