Project & Resource Manager

As a Project & Resource Manager at Dynamicweb North America, you will play a dual role of delivering website solutions to clients plus managing organizational resource processes. There will be about a 50/50 split between these two functions in this role.
Written on 29.07.2020, 00:00
Project & Resource Manager

Position Summary

As a Project & Resource Manager at Dynamicweb North America, you will play a dual role of delivering website solutions to clients plus managing organizational resource processes. There will be about a 50/50 split between these two functions in this role.

When wearing the hat of Project Manager, you will deliver websites by guiding and overseeing the design, development, and deployment of projects from discovery conversations to successful launch. You will partner with the Solutions Architect and Integration Engineer and with internal and external partners to create innovative and high-quality solutions that surpass client expectations.

When wearing the hat of Resource Manager, you will lead planning and monitoring efforts around resource allocation, forecasting, and utilization. You will also influence systems and reporting development to drive efficiencies in resource utilization.

Key Competencies

• Customer Focus
• Learning Agility
• Managing and Measuring Work
• Presentation Skills
• Process Management
• Interpersonal Savvy
• Organizational Savvy

Project Manager (PM) Responsibilities

• Work with project team to develop a plan to execute on agreed-upon deliverables.
• Manage work through internal employees, external partners, and clients to accomplish objectives on time and within quality expectations. • Manage customer interactions and relationship, strengthening confidence and trust.
• Monitor and control human and physical resources to deliver projects on budget.
• Translate client vision and requests to other members of the team, review work drafts, request additional changes and present work to the client for review or approval.
• Capture and manage change requests with appropriate consideration of project scope and seek billing approval upon completion of work.
• Partner with the Project Management team and Solutions Architects to create and refine processes and procedures as needed.
• Effectively communicate and manage expectations with the project team and other stakeholders, including the client.

Resource Manager (RM) Responsibilities

• Lead resource forecasting and planning activities with input from Project Managers, Solutions Architects and Delivery Team Leadership; prioritizing needs to meet project, customer, and organizational needs.
• Help to resolve resource allocation conflicts by facilitating resource disputes or compromises in support of organizational priorities including leadership involvement when appropriate.
• Influence new reporting and organizational process changes to drive improved resource allocation, forecasting, and utilization up to 6 months in the future.
• Monitor actual performance to plans in a variety of intervals as appropriate (daily, weekly, monthly).
• Effectively communicate to individual, project and leadership resources including recommendations on contingency planning when necessary.
• Lead efforts on behalf of the Delivery Team to report inconsistencies or errors in resource planning and reporting systems.
• Serve as company liaison to vendor resources to plan and communicate resource assignments, and review and approve invoices.


• 2+ years in project management or in a role where leading projects was primary function.
• 2+ years in logistics, project resource planning or similar function.
• Basic knowledge and familiarity with website and Ecommerce functionality is a must.
• Demonstrated experience in web development, ERPs, hosting, content management, ecommerce, or online marketing a plus.

Skills & Abilities

• Possesses dynamic and proven project management skills.
• Proficient at leading the implementation and completion of multiple projects in a fast-paced, challenging, ambiguous environment with competing and changing priorities.
• Effective at planning, assigning, monitoring, and adjusting resource allocation.
• Drives collaboration of teams from different backgrounds and with different subject matter knowledge to gain understanding, buy-in and consensus.
• Manages self and stays motivated and productive while working from a remote setting and in the absence of direct supervision.
• Ecommerce, ERP, and web based technical experience is a strong plus
• Experience with Project Management software (e.g Azure DevOps, Microsoft Project, Jira, and Teamwork) is beneficial.
• Working experience with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

Work Environment

• Work is typically performed in employee’s home office.
• Occasional travel estimated at one week per quarter (after Covid restrictions have been lifted and it’s safe to resume travel again). Evening, weekend and extended hours as needed to support site launches or occasional project pushes.
• Service clients across North America with a vast network of international partners that span multiple time zones.